Shiny Disco Lights

Digital Strategy • Web Development • Content Creation • Social Media Management • Design


It’s a crowded world out there, and we understand that it’s not easy to set yourself apart. 

“Getting noticed” is a function of great design, rich content and effective outreach.

Which is where we come in.

We help you understand your audience better, and devise an appropriate strategy to connect with them.

The primary goal of all that we do is to convey values in form of good demonstration; with speech meant to inform, influence, or assemble good will. 

How is it done?

Extensive use of conceptual graphics and story-telling to engage your audience.

Visual communication through the right use of image, typography, space, and colour.

SEO processes to increase website visibility and/or page ranking with high quality backlinks and extensive social bookmarking.

Website and social media analytics reports to give you a top level view of everything you own online.


Get noticed.