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We like to keep the design process personal, simple and streamlined while delivering a fully customised service.

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Branding - entersoft security

Big, bold, black. A modern, responsive website with heavy, clear typography. Subtle use of infographics to explain processes and methodologies. Marketing collaterals include flyers and case studies.

mobile app - ensights

An app that keeps you updated with all that is new in the world of application and cyber security with curated insights from white hat professionals. Available on iOS and Android.

UI & UX- enprobe

A lightning fast, cloud based DevOps platform designed to help developers, enterpreneurs and administrators identify security vulnerabilities in their websites.

website - tie leapfrog

A compelling, single page scroll based event website which is pleasing to the eye with a clean and uncluttered feel. Focus put on the marquee speakers with extensive use of imagery and photographs from the previous editions.

website content and social media - codenation

Content full of technology and pop culture references on the website and across social media channels to reflect what Codenation really is at its core - A motley crew of coders brought together by a common goal to create class products and killer enterprise software.


website - AIBC

Elegant, yet restricted palette of design elements. A black and white color scheme with navy and pale blue accents. Attuned to mobile browsing, without harming the desktop experience. Website includes backend application with a discussion portal and a member management system.

website - axilor ventures

Simple, elegant and peaceful with a strong call-to-action visible across all pages. White as the primary colour enables content to occupy primary position. Axilor's trademark orange used for highlighting key text and buttons. Design optimised for viewing on desktop, with the intention to fit each page within a single screen, minimising on scrolling.

Company brochure - labinapp

A fresh and inventive company brochure for a powerful first impression. Clear, easy to understand terms and engaging text that leads the reader through the young startup's competencies, achievements, associations and accreditations. Colourful, eye-catching graphics with whimsical titles aimed at young children and early teens. Brief text designed for short attention spans with a panel of information for parents.

website - jetty ventures

Simple, monochromatic design. Extensive use of space with content in focus at the centre of the screen. Static website with parallax effect in banners. Minimal, single page flow with 4 sections and a contact form.

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